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During the SSI Open Water Diver course we introduce the concept of working out Surface Breathing Rates or SBR’s. The amount of gas a diver consumes either at work or rest per minute at surface pressure. Also referred to as Surface Consumption Rates (SCR) & Surface Air Consumption (SAC) Rates, but not always pertaining to […]

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The Tide Is High….

July 25th, 2012

Building on the previous posts in our Science of Diving category I was recently presented with a Divemaster candidate stumped on a question in the SoD exam. Divers new & old can sometimes get lost in the nomenclature of diving & when divers go on about diving “the slack”, they’re often referring to the tide. […]

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With high season for Koh Tao popping its head up once again, lots of enquiries have been coming my way about SSI Specialty combinations. Following up on the previous post “Threesomes” about the ability to combine up to three SSI Specialty Courses together for the SSI Advanced Open Water Diver rating to reflect the “Training […]

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