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Back 2 Basics

May 19th, 2012

While deeply immersed in a Go Pro SSI think tank; better known as the ITC classroom, with SSI Specialty Instructor Kento Watanabe, we came across the realization that we needed something catchy to help new & experienced divers alike to help remember the Pre-Dive Check.

The Pre-Dive Check is one of the most misunderstood & under-utilized skills anyone can master as an autonomous diver; familiarizing your buddy to your configuration, discussing the preferred emergency procedures & performing an “idiot” check with your buddy is quite often nothing more than a confused muddle of hands!

We decided to come up with our own little acronym, because let’s face it. What’s Scuba Diving without its abundance of acronyms? After toying around with some less than impressive versions like “BIAS” & “iBASE” that aren’t really worth explaining, we settled on “BASIC”. Working on many levels but mainly on its simplicity for us divers who have many other things to remember, from Ocean Nitrate levels to whose round it is when we get back. I humbly present to you the “BASIC” Pre-Dive Check.

B – Buoyancy Compensator & Weight Systems; Familiarization with you buddy’s LPI, dump valves, clips & releases. Where the weight system is located, adjusted & how it is quickly released.

A – Air Delivery System; Valve checks, tank pressure & preferred method of Air Sharing.

S – Snorkeling  & Accessory Systems; Proper adjustment & preperation of Mask, Snorkel & Fins. Location of divers tool & signalling devices.

I – Information System; Depth, time & navigation devices, location & function.

C – Checks OK? The point at which we agree, “all systems are go.”

Let’s go diving!

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