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With high season for Koh Tao popping its head up once again, lots of enquiries have been coming my way about SSI Specialty combinations.

Following up on the previous post “Threesomes” about the ability to combine up to three SSI Specialty Courses together for the SSI Advanced Open Water Diver rating to reflect the “Training + Experience” requirement for truly advanced divers.

Allowing students to combine Specs together allows them to create their own continuing education choices & mirror how these skills will be used in real diving experiences, independent of the Instructor.

Adding bedfellows to the Threesomes is simple, combo’s like our Perfect Buoyancy, Digital Underwater Photography, Naturalist ménage a trios has an attractive fourth in Equipment Techniques. Teaching people the importance of proper equipment for proper buoyancy & letting you know how to grease up those O-rings!

Add one academic session & the required dive as those four Specs need a minimum of five dives. If your students reaches the Training (four Specialty Courses) + Experience (twenty-four logged dives), rings the bells & celebrate the fact they are now a Level 3 Diver & reward them with their SSI Advanced Open Water Diver certificate.

As for other Four-Pack Combo’s, let you imagination run wild.

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