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Shore Thing

September 7th, 2013

In ancient Rome the priests of the day would tell tales of the God of the sea, Neptune; the bringer of the tides & all his might. But what about the poor old man in the moon? I’ve written previously on the tides & the moon before for the Go Pro SSI website but I […]

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Back to the SoD this episode boys & girls, in this edition of the GPS Uber-blog we’ll be having a quick peek at Deep-Diving’s-Delectable-Dandy: Dalton. Dalton’s Law of partial pressure states: In a mixture of gases, the total pressure of the mixture equals the sum of the partial pressures of the individual gases. Dalton’s Law […]

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Canned Heat

February 22nd, 2013

This post comes to you from the very much unmentioned subject, The Science of Diving. Now before you run to the hills after the merest hint of the S-word, remember the friendly folks at GPS are here to sooth your fears & generally want to help…….a bit! Today we’re going to be chatting about our […]

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When I was but a pup of a scuba-doo, I was given a great way of remember all of the gas law’s pertinent to diving as covered in the Science of Diving, often referred to by newbie Divemaster trainees as “SoD’s Laws”. The “cheat sheet” to help you remember the laws is based around each […]

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Longer, Not Harder

December 27th, 2012

In our previous post we looked at how we could increase our time underwater by increasing our buoyancy skills, leading to less efforts & lower Surface breathing Rates (SBR). Of course, some may say you can always put a bagger tank on your back. You’ll most definitely need Perfect Buoyancy if you’re continuously changing tank […]

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This year’s International Training Director conference for SSI was held in Thailand, shortly after its conclusion, all of the SSI Instructor Trainers & Certifiers from the region were invited to attend our annual update at a rather swish conference facility on the Thai island of Phuket. I was delighted to hear the statistics of this […]

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When I was a child Vampires & Werewolves were the scary things that came out at night, in modern times they seem to have turned in teenage romantics with an apparent affinity for anaemic chicks, luckily for us we still have real nocturnal wonders to fire the imagination; those of or pertaining to the night. […]

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Abbrvs: Part Deux

September 11th, 2012

While maxing & relaxing with Go Pro SSI’s shiny new photographer Nick Shallcross, the conversation turned to our previous post “Abbrvs.” & the promise of more diving abbreviations. This post looks at the professional level Abbrvs. Dive Guide’s are the first level of professional trainees.  Abbrv’d to DG, their role in the diving industry is […]

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August 1st, 2012

Sweet lordy-lord it’s Science of Diving  (SoD) o’clock again! The way I like to teach the SoD is taking all the technical information given by the manual & putting into practical application. We can use all the equations we want with all the measurements of depth, weight & volume given to us but sometimes we […]

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The Tide Is High….

July 25th, 2012

Building on the previous posts in our Science of Diving category I was recently presented with a Divemaster candidate stumped on a question in the SoD exam. Divers new & old can sometimes get lost in the nomenclature of diving & when divers go on about diving “the slack”, they’re often referring to the tide. […]

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