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With the start of the new season here on Koh Tao we’ll be jumping in with both feet with Divemasters arriving on the first, followed by DCS Upgrades, Instructor Crossovers & then onto the ITC, all before Christmas. Making the change of a lifetime & choosing a new career as a dive professional will be […]

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Clock Watching

October 31st, 2013

Nitrox is defined as a breathing mixture with a higher Oxygen content higher than 21% & lower than pure Oxygen at 100%. SSI breaks down the parameters of its programs into two levels; Level 1 allowing the certified diver to use up to an Oxygen content of 32% & Level 2 where divers can use […]

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Shore Thing

September 7th, 2013

In ancient Rome the priests of the day would tell tales of the God of the sea, Neptune; the bringer of the tides & all his might. But what about the poor old man in the moon? I’ve written previously on the tides & the moon before for the Go Pro SSI website but I […]

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All dive professionals understand the importance of continuing education for recreational divers, but once many Go Pro, many stop there. Continuing education; or Con-Ed (love my Abbrvs. as you know!) & even training diversity can have many benefits to new dive professionals, from newly minted Divemasters & experienced Instructors above & beyond even my level: […]

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During the Respond Right & Respond Right Instructor programs the initial approach & evaluation of any scene requires an assessment, looking for potential hazards & how to respond to them. This scene assessment is described on the Respond Right evaluation criteria with the abbreviation DRS: Dangers, Response, SEND FOR HELP! Danger/Response can of course pertain […]

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As with many things in this life, the law of the sod or Murphy’s Law; what can go wrong will go wrong, applies to even diving. When planning out dive trips, local or further afield, an imperative aspect of that planning should be the question, “how much Oxygen does the vessel need for this trip?” […]

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April 2nd, 2013

If you’re like me, speaking twelve different versions of English never really counts as being multilingual & languages can be a hot topic in the world of diving. Adopting the technique of expanding your credentials in diving is one way that can really help you stand out from the crowd, & an excellent way to […]

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It’s April, Fool

March 21st, 2013

From the 1st of April 2013, SSI will launch its new global standards. Changing the way the entire organisation works together. Among the changes made to the new standards & programs being launched around the world is the way we conduct our Instructor Evaluations, or IE. Updating the our previous entry “What To Expect When […]

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While working as a Dive Medic Technician I was called upon to administer Oxygen in both diving & non-diving incidents. Now I’m teaching Oxygen Administration as part of the SSI Respond Right Programs to recreational diver wishing to complete the SSI Diver Stress & Rescue Program or Professional candidates aiming for higher ground by completing […]

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Canned Heat

February 22nd, 2013

This post comes to you from the very much unmentioned subject, The Science of Diving. Now before you run to the hills after the merest hint of the S-word, remember the friendly folks at GPS are here to sooth your fears & generally want to help…….a bit! Today we’re going to be chatting about our […]

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